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Temperature range up to 95°C

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TEMP 95XL is a high-quality and high capacity industrial water temperature control up to 95 °C.

The unit is made to ensure reliable and accurate temperature control for many years. It withstands even the toughest environments due to its robust design.

TEMP 95XL units is available with heat capacities from 18 up to 54 kW as standard.

Easy operation with digital display.

Automatic restart.

Temperature monitoring with alarm function.

Automatic water filling.

Large capacity tank (50 or 80 liters)

Direct cooling.

Up to 95 °C.

Up to 250 l/min.

Energy efficient pump.

Low noise.

Mould draining.

Frequency controlled pump

External temperature sensor.

Flow measurement and monitoring.

Connections for various analogue and digital electric interfaces