BOE-THERM offers a large program of industrial refrigeration systems. Our program consists of standard coolers up to 50 kW and customer-specific solutions up to 2,000 kW. BOE-THERM has been developing and manufacturing industrial refrigeration systems for many years.

Like our temperature controls, each refrigeration system undergoes a 100% test before leaving the factory. Only components from known suppliers are used which guarantee high quality and at the same time it is easy to service the plants, no matter where in the world the plant is located.

Our program of standard refrigeration systems goes up to 50 kW.
We also offer customer-specific cooling solutions, up to 2,000 kW.

BOE-THERM DTE 1.0 – 50.5 KW contains the following components:

– Pipe coil heat exchanger (evaporator) made of stainless steel.
– Digital temperature controller with adjustable constraint and display for reading measurement values.
– A thermal valve (Models K-001.0 and K-001.7 have tubular injection.)
– An industrial multi-stage centrifugal pump with impeller, shaft and other important components is made of stainless steel.
– By-pass for water pump protection.
– Canned sealed and suction gas cooled compressor.
– Air cooled condenser specially designed by DTE, fitted with copper pipes and aluminum slats.
– An industrial axial fan, which blows the hot condenser air horizontally out of the system.
– A closed stainless steel water tank, which has also been provided with insulation.
– A swimmer for automatic refill.
– Manual filling and sight glass.
– Connection for external start / stop (potential free)